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Driving Directions

Treviso Airport is one of the most important airports in the Treviso region of the Italian nation today. The airport is located about 3 kilometers from the city center. Therefore, directions from whichever part of Treviso to the airport are much easier to follow. There are many routes that as a driver you can use to get to the airport and back to the city center. Once you get to the airport, there are also numerous parking options that you will get. Online maps such as Google maps can help you to locate this airport with precise accuracy if at all you have not been to this region before. You can also obtain such details from the airport as well.

If at all you are coming to Treviso Airport by car, there are many directions that you can use. Basically, you need to know your position. You need to know the location of the airport from the city center. This airport is near Confine, La Monchia, Canizzano, Sant’Angelo and Quinto di Treviso. The city is adjacent to areas such as Morgano, Ponzano Veneto, and San Bagio di Callalta.

Getting to the airport from Treviso

You would just need to spare fifteen to twenty minutes to get from Treviso city to the airport. Just like any other city across the globe, there are cases of traffic congestion in this place and therefore, you need to allow yourself some good amount of time before travelling. You can access the airport by car via Viale 24 Maggio, Viale della Repubblica or Viale Monte Grappa. You can head south through Noalese and then head west. You will find the intersection Via Pro on your way but just continue and get to the airport. The airport directions are sign posted on the roads. In most cases these signs are written in Italian so if you are not a native, such signs might not make much sense for you. That is why it is always important to seek the services of native car hire companies. They employ people who understand this place best and therefore are best placed to help you find your ideal location.  

From Venice

If you need to get to Treviso Airport from Venice, A27 is the best and easiest route to use. You can also use SS13 but it would take much of your time to get to the airport. This route is commonly affected by traffic congestion therefore not a good idea if at all you are working on a tight schedule. Basically, if you need to get to the airport there are many routes that you can use.

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